Yes, I’m very distracted.  My name is Corie. You may also hear me called Spasticnontastic. Crazy.  Odd. Corie-girl. Corie-poo.  Ok, ok, my dad is the only one that still calls me Corie-Poo.  That does bring me to an interesting point.  I do like to talk, text and joke about my bodily functions. You’ve been forewarned.  😉

I love my husband. I love my family. I love being an Aunt. I love my lovely creative friends.  I love God.  I love taking pictures. I love the my city. I love reading, writing, dreaming, wandering, traveling, food, the wind, stories, memories, smells, fabric softener, soft covers, the change of the seasons, Anne Shirley and Jo March, music, textures, hope, grace, snow, leaves, wind….you get the idea =)  I’m in constant awe of the world that swirls around me.

L’auren and I are going to create books.  Stories. Little doors in the realm of the imagination.  Exciting!  (isn’t realm a cool word?)

Random thought for today:

I was on the bus this morning. The wind was as excited about Autumn as I am and was tossing leaves towards my bus window.  What if there was an invisible string that permanently kept all the leaves of a tree connected regardless of distance?  Put on your *de-invisibility* glasses.  See it?  Yep, fantastic. =)



Hello world!

So this is me getting ready to brush my teeth at 1:30 in the morning. You can call me L’auren, or Skitch, or Distracted Perfectionist #826. My friend Corie, Distracted Perfectionist #1 (so coined by her husband Jon) is across the river sleeping and therefore not available to draw at the moment, but her introduction is soon to come. As for me, I am an illustrator, a writer, and an editor. When I’m not editing tax training materials, I’m standing in front of the mirror drawing myself with blue hair. Or eating split pea soup. I put the “,” in “Hello, welcome to my half of our blog!”